Susan Ruptash Judges at the IDeA Student Competition

May 18th, 2016

Last week AccessAbility Advantage’s Co-Director, Susan Ruptash, sat on the jury of IDeA (Innovative Designs for Accessibility), a competition recognizing innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to accessibility related barriers in the community.

Pictured is this year’s winner, Micah Rakoff Bellman, and his winning design for Lift. This height-adjustable and movable table provides home cooks a comfortable and flexible work surface in the kitchen that can adapt to their specific needs and abilities.

The second place winner was uNav, an app that essentially facilitates travel between two geographic points by highlighting amenities along the route and what kinds of door handles will be encountered along the way.

The third place winner was an accessible closet storage system that creates flexible horizontal and vertical storage options for wheelchair users.

For more information about this year’s contestants and the competition at large, click here.