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Design of Public Spaces Checklist – This tool highlights the key requirements of the AODA’s Design of Public Spaces. The intent is to provide you with bare minimum requirements to create inclusive public spaces.

Life Span Housing Checklist – This tool highlights some of the key design features required to create housing that helps a person live in their home for as long as confidently and comfortably possible.

Public Private Partnerships (P3) Projects  –  As the province of Ontario continues to make the largest investment in public infrastructure in the province’s history these projects are brought to market through the P3 model. This fact sheet highlights the benefits of integrating accessibility and universal design into the P3 design process.

VisitAble Housing –  This tool highlights some of key considerations when designing housing for person visiting a home who may have difficulty climbing stairs or have limited mobility.  VisitAble housing provides easy access into and throughout a home to allow for a welcoming environment for all persons of all ages and abilities.

Universal Design – This resource highlights the seven principles of Universal Design that are integrated into the built environment in order to benefit the widest range of users possible.