We have been leaders in AODA training since 2009 and have delivered training to over 35,000 employees of organizations in Ontario through online and in-person training.

AccessAbility Advantage offers training to fit the roles that leaders and employees play. Our training is highly valued because we are able to impart our experience and passion for inclusion and bring real meaning to the legislation. We employ a variety of training methods so attendees can quickly adopt and internalize the lessons for lasting recall and results.

We deliver public training and customized private sessions. We are also equipped to deliver affordable remote training via webinars or in-person training at your location or ours.

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Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation

Let our AODA training experts help develop your compliance roadmap for accessibility!

The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) became law in 2011. It consists of over 75 requirements to remove barriers in the areas of information and communication, employment, transportation, and the design of public spaces, with different deadlines by sector and size of an organization. Providing training on the AODA and the Human Rights Code is one of the legal requirements.

These training programs are available as private sessions customized to suit your organization and industry.


  • Introduction to the IASR
  • IASR Employee Training
  • IASR Administrator Training
  • Specialized Training

>> Introduction to the IASR

We offer the following training options to support your implementation of the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR).

>> IASR Employee Training

1.5 HOUR

AccessAbility Advantage delivers engaging training that meets requirements of IASR Section 7.

What’s Covered?

  • Overview of the AODA and AODA Standards
  • Human Rights Code as it Pertains to People with Disabilities
  • Accessible Formats & Communicating with People with Disabilities
  • Customizable to the Duties of Job Roles

Training can be provided in-person, or via webinar on any computer with high-speed internet.

>> IASR Administrator Training

We offer two streams of administrator and leadership training.

4 HOUR – Leadership & Governance Training

The four hour Leadership and Governance Training session is designed to provide a strong introduction to policy makers to ensure all leaders in your organization understand their part in developing policies, practices and procedures, and a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

7 HOUR – Compliance Management

The seven hour IASR Compliance Management training session is designed to provide a thorough and comprehensive introduction to any administrator who is accountable to lead your organization’s compliance efforts. Attendees will be able to explain to others the meaning behind the legislation and lead others stakeholders in developing policies, practices, procedures and a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

>> IASR Resource Guide

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Not enough time to do everything?

We offer support to develop your accessibility policies and Multi-Year Accessibility Plans.

Accessible Documents and Websites

The AODA Information & Communication Standards and the Human Rights Code require organizations to provide information in accessible formats upon request.

>> Accessible Document Creation

By learning how to use accessibility features that already exist in tools such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign and most current web authoring tools, your organization will create content that will be accessible to most users and be designed to be compatible with most assistive technologies.

Course includes:

  • Introduction to Accessibility Principles;
  • Applying structure using styles, headings, lists, table of contents, and links;
  • Making images, tables and charts accessible;
  • Text formatting and colour contrast;
  • Creating and using accessible templates;
  • How to check the accessibility of your document;
  • Using accessibility features when exporting to PDF or other formats.

Advanced Accessible Document Creation training is also available.

Contact us for more information about these specialized sessions:

  • Making Accessible PDFs with Adobe Acrobat;
  • Creating Accessible Document with Adobe InDesign;
  • Creating Accessible Forms with Adobe LiveCycle.

>> Accessible Web Design

The AODA Information & Communication Standards and the Human Rights Code require organizations to provide information in accessible formats upon request.

By learning the techniques to use accessibility features available in most current web authoring tools, your organization will create content that will be perceivable, operable, understandable to as many people as possible. In addition, this course will also help to ensure that your web design is robust enough to ensure compatibility with software and assistive technologies.

AccessAbility Advantage’s training on Accessible Website Design is for people with prior experience creating websites, working with developer tools and content management systems. The course will provide participants with an understanding of web accessibility principles, the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as well as a basic understanding of how to evaluate a website for accessibility.

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Course includes:

  • AODA Information and Communication Standards as they apply to websites and web content;
  • Accessibility requirements and WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), Level AA Success Criteria;
  • Web design and development strategies and techniques to achieve WCAG success criteria including commonly faced challenges and solutions;
  • Demonstration of assistive technology on websites to understand end-user experiences;
  • Demonstration of testing tools and strategies to evaluate sites for accessibility.

Accessible Customer Service

The AODA Accessible Customer Service Standard was legislated in 2007 and applies to every organization in Ontario with one or more employees.

Compliance requires training be provided to staff, volunteers, contractors, and any other people who interact with the public or other third parties on your behalf. Our training fully complies with the AODA and covers the requirements of the standard and how to communicate with people with disabilities.

>> Accessible Customer Service E-Learning

Most popular for scheduling flexibility and completion tracking capability, our Accessible Customer Service E-Learning Module will help you to comply with the AODA Customer Service training requirement with ease and confidence.   Our Accessible Customer Service E-Learning Module was designed in collaboration with – Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), March of Dimes Canada,  and The Canadian Hearing Society.

The engaging and thought-provoking course, produced by AccessAbility Advantage and Vubiz, covers required content and provides specific advice on interacting with persons with disabilities, including persons with physical, hearing, speech, vision, intellectual, cognitive and learning disabilities.

Volume discounts are available for purchases of 26 or more licenses. For group rates contact for a quote.

Individual and small group licenses can also be purchased online with a credit card for immediate use.

>> Accessible Customer Service Training

Our in-person training is designed for anyone who represents your organization and covers:

  • All of the legislated accessible customer service requirements;
  • Sensitivity and awareness building experiential activities run by experienced trainers and people who live with a disability;
  • Customized to include your policies and procedures;
  • Understanding how to communicate with people with different disabilities.

Format can be delivered in person and customized to meet your needs. Training will be developed to suit your time.  A minimum of one hour is required; however a fully enriched experience can run up to 3 hours. Our recommendation will depend on the nature of your business. “Policy Maker” training is also available.

>> Customer Service Train-the-Trainer

AccessAbility Advantage delivers “Train-the-Trainer” programming ideal for anyone accountable for implementing the AODA requirements at your organization.

Our training will prepare leaders and internal trainers to deliver “Policy Maker”  and staff training that  covers:

  • The legislative requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) Customer Service Standard;
  • Sensitivity and awareness building experiential activities, including direction on minimal experiential activities that we feel can be safely integrated in your training programs;
  • Panel discussion on “Disability and Accessible Customer Service” (Individuals who live with disabilities will tell their stories of challenges and successes they have experienced while accessing services in your sector);
  • Scenarios and case studies on what to do if customers have difficulty accessing your goods and services;
  • Includes template training material to be reproduced in your own courses;
  • Action plan for meeting the policy, procedure and practice requirements of the Accessible Customer Service Standard and policy templates to get started.