Design Consulting

AccessAbility Advantage provides design review services to maximize accessibility and ensure that current projects will comply with any new and upcoming accessibility legislation, codes and standards. Reviews can be completed at all design stages and during construction.

We conduct full or partial reviews of any building type or scope. Our review can include floor plans, elevations, construction details, room data sheets and material selections. A report and marked-up drawings can be submitted to the design team outlining items of compliance, non-compliance and recommendations for improvement.

Construction site reviews can address a specific item of concern or the full site. Our team of specialists will work with your construction schedule and provide a detailed report outlining deficiencies, items of compliance and non-compliance and recommendations for improvement.

Website Consulting

In Ontario, the AODA Information and Communication Standard includes requirements for websites and web content to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

AccessAbility Advantage consults with organizations to help Information Technology leaders understand what is required by the legislation, their website’s current level of accessibility, and steps to build accessibility into their operating and strategic plans and budgets in order to achieve timely compliance.

Support can range from policy and procedural advice for management, standards and specification recommendations for new website procurement, technical training for web developers and content managers, and website accessibility audits and testing with assistive technology to identify barriers that will require remediation.