Accessibility Consulting

Web and Document Accessibility Audits

We know that organizations want the information on their websites to be accessible to all. AccessAbility Advantage can review and audit your existing or new website to ensure that people with a range of abilities can perceive, understand, and navigate information and communication.

Large organizations must meet AODA regulation standards related to Internet websites and web content and conform with World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 based on the AODA deadline schedule.

We can help your organization convert or create accessible documents to share on your website. We can also provide you with services and training on how to make your source documents accessible and how to convert them into accessible PDFs.

Accessibility is based on content as well as format. In addition to ensuring your document format is accessible, we also offer editing services and make recommendations to improve the accessibility of your website content. Incorporating plain and clear language makes your website more inclusive to all.


Information and Communication Audits

Creating an accessible and inclusive environment is about more than meeting AODA compliance standards. AccessAbility Advantage can help your organization meet and exceed AODA compliance standards to become a more inclusive organization.

Our consultants create accessibility policies and procedures to ensure your organization is meeting AODA compliance standards. We can also review other information and communication associated with your organization – including marketing materials, website content, document templates, and other policies and procedures – to identify barriers to accessibility. We can edit content to remove barriers and provide recommendations – on images, language, and more – to prevent future barriers to accessibility.


Accessible Meetings and Events

AccessAbility Advantage has expertise in consulting with organizations to host accessible and inclusive events. Contact us to help plan accessible meetings and activities for your staff and to help create inclusive public events.

We can support your organization in understanding and applying the AODA principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.