Our History

March of Dimes Canada (MODC) has operated in Ontario for more than 67 years. Our mandate has evolved with the organization, from searching for a cure for polio in the ‘50’s, to maximizing the independence, personal empowerment and community participation of people with physical disabilities today.

Over the years, MODC has pioneered in the area of rehabilitation and developed many new and innovative programs. Some of our services have grown to such an extent that they have evolved to become fully funded initiatives, spun off to other non-profit organizations, or are now offered nationally. MODC now employs over 2000 people and volunteers.

MODC is compliant with the “Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive” and has long advocated for legislation to ensure a Canada that is fully accessible to people with disabilities. In 2016, the federal government announced its intention to create federal accessibility legislation. To inform the development of this legislation, MODC was a founding and steering committee member of the federally-funded Alliance for an Inclusive and Accessible Canada and has been a partner organization for the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA). We continue to participate in both Federal and Provincial initiatives related to accessibility and proposed legislation..

MODC provides a variety of services to almost 25,000 people annually in more than 100 locations, addressing the changing needs of people with physical disabilities across Canada. More information about our other programs and services may be found on our website at www.marchofdimes.ca.

AccessAbility® Advantage (A+) is just one of the many services available within MODC. A+ is a proprietary service that offers consultation to achieve maximum accessibility, creates design concept drawings, conducts accessibility built environment audits, creates AODA compliant policy and procedures, web compliance reviews, AODA document conversion, and provides staff training.