AccessAbility Advantage Abroad

March 19th, 2015

Ted Shore, Quadrangle Principal and Amy Pothier, Accessibility and Building Code Consultant recently participated alongside Carleton University in an international accessibility audit project with the Government of Jamaica. Collaborating with Carleton’s READ (research, education, accessibility and design) initiative, the team visited the country’s legislative building, the Gordon House, to support Jamaica in their commitments to improve accommodation and support of Jamaicans with disabilities. The project is an opportunity for the Government to take the necessary steps to act on their own recent legislation aimed at removing barriers in the built environment. By ensuring its own properties go above and beyond, Jamaica is demonstrating leadership and commitment to all Jamaicans, regardless of age or ability.

To read more on the initiative between Carleton, AccessAbility Advantage and the Jamaican Government, please visit this coverage in the Ottawa Citizen.